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Vinings Historic Preservation Society


We are Vinings

The Vinings Historic Preservation Society was established in 1993 by the Ruth Carter Vanneman Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, charitable corporation, for the purpose of preserving the historic spirit and structures of Vinings. The Pace House, The Old Pavilion and The Yarbrough House (Vinings Center) serve as focal points for Vinings’ colorful history and tell vivid stories of the area’s past. We work to accomplish our mission in four ways. Our primary mission is to preserve, protect and maintain the historic places and spirit of our jewel of a town. You’ll see below that much of that comes through education, engaging the community and maintaining relationships. A lot of the work of preservation, though, is just that: work. We need not only membership dollars but also skilled hands and willing hearts to do the actual work of keeping up our historic places and planning and execution of events. As we volunteer, we learn about the town’s past and present, as we engage fellow members of our community and forge new friendships. The rest of our mission grows from the work of preservation.

Key to The Vinings Historic Preservation Society mission is the education of the public about the local history and historic architecture that contribute to Vinings’ status as a choice address for business and residence. To this end, The Vinings Historic Preservation Society maintains a sort of museum of Vinings history among our three main facilities. We collect and display artifacts and other memorabilia from old Vinings and the founding family, of Hardy Pace. We feel that the more people learn about Vinings’ past, the more they’ll want to be involved in its future. The interest of the public and the Vinings community are absolutely necessary to maintain the historic and aesthetic integrity of this unique community.

In addition to the work The Vinings Historic Preservation Society corps of volunteers and officials do together, scheduling events and community programs helps to involve the public in the enjoyment of Vinings’ historic spirit. Many of our regular events like the annual Vinings Gold Classic and Vegas In Vinings Casino Night have become major points on the Vinings social calendar. Bringing together members of the community helps to strengthen relationships as well as commitment to the preservation of Vinings history.

If we do all of those things right, then the work of forging strong relationships with the community and stakeholders in Vinings endeavors is already halfway done. But we still reach out to government, businesses, civic organizations and community groups to find common goals and promote the relationship between the history of Vinings and the direction it’s heading.

The Vinings Historic Preservation Society mission is to:

  • preserve the historic spirit and structures of Vinings,
  • educate the public about local history,
  • engage in community preservation activities,
  • and forge long-lasting relationships with the local residents and stakeholders toward its endeavors.